Splash Life Booking: Disrupting The Live Entertainment Market

Splash Life Booking: Disrupting The Live Entertainment Market

In an entertainment landscape often dominated by giants, Splash Life Booking, founded by the visionary Dollah Dae, has carved out a unique niche by championing emerging artists, identifying untapped markets, and orchestrating events that defy convention. Today, Splash Life Booking stands as a burgeoning media powerhouse, representing industry heavyweights like Future and Lil Wayne. Their mission to cultivate an impressive talent roster and fundamentally reshaping the entertainment sector, is well on the way.

The Genesis of Splash Life

Dollah Dae’s journey in the entertainment realm began in 2005, where his multifaceted skill set allowed him to wear many hats—from an independent songwriter and artist to a promoter and entrepreneur. Originating from the Gulf Coast, Ade Jola Kemp, professionally known as Dollah Dae, refused to be confined to a single role. Instead, he amalgamated his diverse talents, envisioning a platform that could uplift and amplify other artists and businesses within the entertainment sphere.

In 2010, this vision materialized into Splash Life Booking.

Disrupting the Status Quo

Since its establishment, Splash Life Booking noticed a significant gap in the market. They focus on assisting up-and-coming artists and arranging events that bigger industry names tend to ignore. Dollah Dae recognized the challenge faced by major entertainment companies in reaching smaller markets and local scenes, a gap that he felt compelled to bridge.

With a focus on promoting hidden stars, Splash Life Booking became a catalyst for change, securing gigs for artists and curating diverse events across a myriad of partner venues. In doing so, Dollah Dae and his team revitalized a monopolized market, breathing new life into the industry.

A Multi-Faceted Approach to Booking and Talent Management

Over the years, Splash Life Booking has etched an indelible mark on the American live music landscape. The agency has facilitated thousands of events, ranging from large-scale festivals to intimate live sessions and corporate gatherings.

Currently, Splash Life Booking collaborates with over 75 music and entertainment venues across America, representing a stellar lineup of artists from Jack Harlow and Kevin Gates to The Isley Brothers and Anthony Hamilton. Despite its growth, Splash Life Booking remains proudly independent—a factor that has created trust among artists and partners alike.

This independence has also been pivotal in their talent management. This has allowed Splash Life Booking to curate a diverse roster featuring talents such as Tay Money, Bezz Believe, and Playa Pat.

Looking ahead, Splash Life plans to further expand its roster, curate more events and entertainment, and offer comprehensive services including brand consulting, social media management, and event production, reaffirming its commitment to innovation, authenticity, and excellence in the entertainment industry.